Smuggler’s Cove

Three nights ago I visited a great little bar in the Hayes Valley Neighborhood called Smuggler’s Cove; it looks and feels like a pirate ship inside.  We worked our way down the winding staircase to the basement where we felt like we were in the hull of a ship as we drank and socialized the night away with friends.  The drinks are “Traditional Drinks of the Caribbean Islands, classic libations of Prohibition era Havana, and exotic cocktails from legendary Tiki bars.”  Be careful though, these drinks are strong.  I only had two drinks, but I was very glad that I lived around the corner and had walked to the bar.  The drinks are good, fruity, and strong.

If you find yourself in the Hayes Valley Neighborhood, this bar is worth looking up.  Take the address with you because you won’t find it otherwise.  It is one of those places that if you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t notice it. 





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2 responses to “Smuggler’s Cove

  1. Must be a great place – the name tells it also :)Hope to be at the West Coast once again…~Susanneyep… it's me commenting – again – I have set an "alarm" in my agenda that will remind me from now on to visit my blog friends at least once per week – and here I am…LOL… sorry to have been absent that long!

  2. Hey Susanne, I understand. I need a similar "alarm" in my week. Wonder if there is a phone app. for that. hehe