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Yes, I have been sadly neglectful of my blog, but I am making a renewed commitment to post at least once a week about this magical city called San Francisco. Already, I have about 10 different postings of information and restaurant recommendations that I want to describe in detail.

I will begin by posting about Alcatraz. Honestly, I did not really want to go to Alcatraz. Touring an old prison, and a maximum security prison like Alcatraz, was not high on my list of things to do. I thought it would be highly depressing, but was I in for a surprise. Just a short ferry ride away from the Embarcadero, you will come to Alcatraz and see some of the most amazing views of the bay and the city. The wildlife is all around you there, and even the prison doesn’t seem so horrible. The tour is all done by audio cassette, and do walk through the inmates courtyard and into the gardens. I know this sounds warped, but touring the old prison was enjoyable and relaxing. I definitely recommend that you tour the Alcatraz prison the next time you are in San Francisco. Check out the pictures below:

Alcatraz - Head Guard Mansion
This is what is left of the warden’s mansion.

Alcatraz Employee Balcony 2
These were some of the residences for the guards and their family. The children of the guards actually grew up on Alcatraz and have their own story to tell about it.

Alcatraz Cell 2
The cells were a little depressing, but it was interesting to see some of the crafts, knitting, and painting projects that the inmates did to pass the time.

Alcatraz School House
This is the school that the children of the guards attended. How did that looked on a college application?

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