Struggling with S.F.

Ok, I admit it. I seem to be struggling with San Francisco. Every day I try to be optimistic and face this city with a smile, but sometimes it just seems to beat that smile right off my face and kick me in the butt all the way back to the loft. However, I keep trying.

I am an eternal optimist, and it is my theory that for the most part a person can be happy no matter where they live. S.F. is really putting my theory to the test. On the one hand, this city has been really good to me. My boyfriend and I have good jobs, we have a great loft, our neighbors are becoming our friends, and our friend circle is slowly growing. I am doing Bikram Yoga and experiencing many different types of food. Actually, it is pretty good.

On the other hand, there is no parking, it is overcrowded, very little green space, and the ride to work is really beginning to weigh on me. Actually, I think it is the commute that is the main problem. In the morning, I can go 28 miles in 40 minutes, but at night that same distance can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half in stop and go traffic. Sometimes I wait for 20 minutes to get into the Caldecott Tunnel, and then another 30 minutes to pay the toll at the Bay Bridge. Somehow, I need to learn to relax when cars are backed up and I’m in stop and go traffic. Maybe more podcasts or old radio shows.

San Francisco is stunningly beautiful with the beach and the bay. The weather has been great, and I’m really loving the diversity. When I put it down on paper, there are more pluses than minuses. San Francisco has been really good to us so far, and I think I just need to relax and get into the groove more.

Even though the commute is kicking my butt, I do love my new job. It is just great to have a job in this economy. I work with wonderful people who encourage me to be creative, and I feel like I’m making a difference. In addition, the budget is finally balanced again.

Ok, I’m done whining. I know that in time I will figure it out, but it is definitely a challenge. A year from now I will probably be writing a post about how much I adore San Francisco.


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2 responses to “Struggling with S.F.

  1. I'd consider a MP3 player that plays on your car stereo as essential as the air conditioner in an Oklahoma summer. Sure, you can get by without it, but it makes the whole thing more pleasant and vastly improves your mood when you arrive.Podcasts have been essential for me enjoying my commute (about 25 minutes walking or bus, then 20 minutes on the train). Some of my favorites: * You Look Nice Today – comedy * All Songs Considered – new music * This American Life – all things upper middle-class liberal white * Sound of Young America and Jordan Jesse Go – Jesse Thorn's interview and comedy podcasts * Stack Overflow – All things programmer * D&D Podcast – but only the ones where Mike and Jerry from Penny Arcade are playingJennifer has her own favorites, but the point is there are hours of free and cheap podcasts, plus all the books on tape and If you look at the commute as something your butt does while your brain learns somethings, it is much more tolerable.

  2. All good things take time! I know what you're talking about. To get "homey" in a new city cost you a lot of energy, patience and time. I'm from Switzerland and came to this beautiful country some years ago. It took me many years to assimilate in a new culture and with a new language. But I made it! After almost 10 years being here in America, I can say: I made it. :)You will "made it" too! :)Susanneand SF is beautiful, I was there once…