Free, Free, Free

Recently I came across a couple of free sites that are absolutely incredible. I am amazed at the stuff I see on there that is free.

1. Craiglist. Check out your local area’s “free” space. It is under the “for sale” category.

2. Freecycle. This is a yahoo group that has a Portland branch. From what I can tell there are about 100 items posted there per day.

Below you will find some of the interesting, free things that I have found listed:

1. Pianos
2. Entertainment Centers
3. End tables
4. House (Yep, it was a house built in 1900. The owner of the property wanted to get rid of it so that he could build on the lot. It could be moved or torn down for the wood.
5. Mobile Home (This was in Oklahoma. A farmer had built a house and was giving away his mobile home for free).
6. Clothes
7. Curtains
8. Antiques
9. Dirt
10. Planters
11. Dining room table and chairs
12. Comfy chairs, love seats, and couches

It is a great way to save the budget and recycle at the same time.


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