The BagdadTheater


My boyfriend and I went to the Bagdad Theater last night for the first time and watched a movie.

Be sure to check out the “View the Bagdad Theater and Pub Photo Gallery under the picture.

The movie was “Hancock.” The movie was average, but the theater was incredible. It is one of those old “Golden Age of Hollywood” places where it magically transports you to the middle east with it’s moroccan decor. One of the great things is that they replaced the chairs in the balcony with sofas and comfortable chairs. In front of these are skinny tables where you can put your beer, pizza, Jack Daniels, nachos, popcorn. Yep, I said beer, pizza and Jack Daniels. In fact, you can order beer by the pitcher there and bring it into the theater. It is a very comfy and cozy. We will definitely be going back.

We rode our bikes to the theater. It is amazing how much we ride our bikes here. I almost feel guilty when I fire up the truck these days. Most days I ride my bike around the neighborhoods or take the bus if I’m heading downtown. The oil price isn’t a big deal for me right now. If I don’t take a trip outside of the city, I think I could make it on a tank of gas a month. Wow! In Tulsa there were days of errands where I could use a quarter of a tank just in that day.

After the movie we rode our bikes to the Fat Straw, 4258 SE Hawthorne Blvd, where we had bubble tea. Yumm! Then we rode our bikes up and down Hawthorne and decided to have fish and chips for dinner.

It was a wonderful Portland evening.

What is next Portland? I can only imagine all the great little surprises you have in store for us.

Well, I have to go study the real estate stuff again.


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