Read in the paper last Sunday about a woman who was riding her inline skates in downtown Portland nude. The police received several calls, not because she was nude, but because they were concerned for her safety. The police approached her and told her she couldn’t bike naked. They told her she need something to cover the lower regions. She pulled out a bikini bottom, put it on, and happily skated away with her top ta ta’s hanging out.

About a week ago I saw a woman riding her bike without a top on Hawthorne Ave. She was waving her hands around like a naked mermaid. On the back of her bike she had a sign that read join me for nude bicycling.

My reaction: Hmmmm, this is a hard one. I mean I’m from the midwest and gay. Unlike most men, I kind of don’t really want to see the breasticles. But, if men can run around topless then why can’t women? I don’t know. My reactions are mixed.


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